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Straight Power 11 by BeQuiet (850w platinum)

The Straight Power 11 by BeQuiet is… well… extremely quiet. We’ve tested other BeQuiet power supplies before, and were happy with them. This particular unit replaced my Rosewill Hive 1000. I immediately noticed the lack of fan noise and coil whine. Funnily enough, I never noticed coil whine in my system until there was none.


Unboxing is the same great experience we’ve come to expect from the brand: minimalist packing, yet well secured. The box did waft a bit of a chemical smell when it was first opened. But that’s a far cry from the shipping container and fishy smell some other brands PSUs ship with.

In the box:

  • Straight Power 11 PSU
  • A nice thick main power cable

And the modular cables:

  • the 20+4 pin
  • One p8 and two p4 (CPU supplemental power)
  • Four PCI-e 6+2 (GPU)
  • Four SATA +molex leads with four connections each (drives and peripherals

Straight Power 11, Straight Deep Dive

The Straight Power 11 uses one of BeQuiet’s renowned 120mm Silent Wings 3 fans, with a funneled frame. This is meant to increase air flow while keeping turbulence and noise down. This PSU operates at up to just over 10 and a half dB(A) when operating at 50% capacity or less. Even at 100% load, it still manages to stay just under 25db(A). So whether it is just idling or going full bore, you’re not going to hear it over other standard PC components.

The Straight Power 11 850w unit we have is 80Plus Platinum certified. This means that it is 89% – 92% power efficient while operating between 20% – 100% load. Its wire free (DC) design and use of quality Japanese capacitors and synchronous rectifier means you get constant clean power to your components.

Final Thoughts

One drawback to the Straight Power 11 may be the odd connectors. This is a fully modular power supply, which is great. However, the cable ends that connect to the unit itself are unlike any others I’ve seen. This is not bad in, and of, itself. But if you want to loom some custom sleeved cables, you may be out of luck finding the proper cable ends. You could, however, simply use cable extensions.

I’ve been using the Straight Power 11 in my main rig for a few weeks now, and it’s great. It’s so quiet that I didn’t realize just how noisy my previous PSU was until I made the swap. This gets a 10 out of 10 from me. If you want to grab one for yourself, feel free to use our Amazon affiliate link here and help support Hardware Meta.

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